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Prenatal care

We are there for you from the beginning to the end during your pregnancy. You alternately visit the gynecologist, midwife and/or GP.


Intake consultation

During the intake we take the time to draw up a pregnancy file and see what guidance you want.

A new file is created for each new pregnancy, the file costs per pregnancy are €35.

Book your first consultation here.

Follow-up consultation

You can consult the midwife a total of 12 times throughout the pregnancy. You can contact us for the check-up of you and your baby, as well as for a urine test, glucose test, blood test, GBS swab and of course for all your questions and concerns. We monitor the growth and well-being of your baby and prepare you for childbirth and parenthood.

We will book a follow-up appointment with you during the previous consultation. This cannot be done online.


If you choose a home birth, we would like to see you regularly. This way, we'll be able to form a closer bond with you and your partner and you get the chance to meet the whole team. We prefer to closely monitor your pregnancy so we know how you are doing. 

If you choose to give birth in hospital, we would like to see you at least once so that a dossier can be drawn up. 

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