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Maternity period

After your delivery, we will come to your home for the first few days to care for you and your baby. We will then remain available for questions and assistance until your little one is one year old.


Medical care

As a midwife we can care for you and your baby from head to toe, we are ready for an encouraging chat and we support your growth as a parent.
If you give birth in the hospital, we will continue the care when you come home.

For both a home birth and a hospital birth, we will come to your home for aftercare up to and including day five (calculated from the day of birth as day zero). These home visits are always paid for by the mutuality via the third-party payment scheme.

You only pay the on call fee of €50 (if you have not already paid an on call fee for labour assistance or home birth) and the kilometre allowance of €1/km calculated from the consultation address in Gemeentestraat to your home.

After day five, nine consultations are still possible without a prescription.

Feeding baby

Feeding a baby can be a quest, one in which we are happy to guide you. Together we look at the needs of your child and yours in order to achieve smooth teamwork between you and baby.

In concrete terms, this means following along a feed, looking for the positions that work best for you, tips on latching on,...

You can also contact us if you want to scale back breastfeeding or have questions about solid food.

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