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About us

Four passionate ladies with a heart for the job, that is how we can best describe ourselves.
Own personalities and a common goal: supporting you in your strength during this period.

The basis of our care is based on the 'woman-centered' and 'family-centered care' model. The focus is on women's autonomy, her choices and her rights. We spend a lot of time and care on maintaining normality during pregnancy, paying attention to additional needs if the pregnancy or birth does not go as expected and where cooperation with other disciplines is crucial.

Each of us is contracted and therefore works with the third-party payment scheme.

De vroedvrouwen

Tinneke Wittockx

Hi! My name is Tinneke, I live in Rotselaar and I have been a proud midwife and babywearing consultant since 2019. Right from the start of my studies, I felt that my passion lay in primary care.

In 2020 I went exploring in London. I briefly worked on a homebirth team to get a taste of the (usually) nocturnal adventures of a midwife who supervises (home) births. It didn't take me long to feel that this was what I wanted to put into the world.
From the positive pregnancy test to the first steps of your little one guiding a family is really what makes me happy. The fact that I can also accompany your little one into the world completes the story.

In 2021, I volunteered for a while in a town in Tanzania, Africa, where as a midwife I was able to richly convert my knowledge into experience. When I returned home, I was completely ready to make my dream come true as an independent midwife.
In addition to being a midwife, I enjoy walking, (rock) climbing and painting.


Geertrui De Winter

My name is Geertrui, shorter Trui, I live in Herent and have been a midwife since 1998. That summer my career started in the delivery room and maternity ward at the Sint-Jans Hospital in Brussels.
I became a mother myself, guided by my own midwife, and that put me on my own path. In order to be with our children as much as possible during the day, I started working at night from now on.
When we were expecting a third child, I quit my job to care for our family full-time. This little one was upside down! Once again we received medical help, which allowed us to use our own again
midwife to give birth. We also had a fourth child and the years flew by without me noticing. Until I saw a vacancy at the group practice that had previously taken care of us. A long one
cherished dream came true: being a home midwife, supervising home births!!
It feels like a great added value that there is time to get to know you. To guide you so that you can make your own choices that suit you. Turning a birth experience into something strengthening,
something that gives confidence in the task that awaits you next as young parents. Giving babies a soft landing, with lots of love and respect.
The very best reason to get out of bed in the middle of the night!


Dana Geeraerts

Hello, my name is Dana (Baal) and I have been proud to call myself a midwife for eight years. As a child, I knew very quickly that I wanted to become a midwife. To date, I have always worked in home care, partly as a home nurse and partly as a pre- and postnatal midwife. Over those seven years, I was able to be pregnant three times and experience a beautiful, peaceful and loving home birth three times. A place in the Bolle Buik team is a dream come true. Guiding young parents during pregnancy
labor, delivery and afterwards. Ensuring that they also have such a beautiful memory of a (home) birth with the Bolle Buik midwives.
In addition to caring for all those young parents and babies, I and my husband Jan take care of our three darlings Tea, Fen and War at home so that they can grow up carefree in a warm family.


Sofia Van Duffel

Hello! My name is Sofia, I live with my husband Lukas in Rotselaar and I am the newest member of the Bolle Buik family. After my training as a secondary teacher, I really wanted to obtain the title of 'midwife', it always seemed like an honor to me to be able to guide women in their strength during childbirth and motherhood. I am therefore very grateful that I can do this fantastic job and would not even remotely want to trade it for anything else.
In addition to monitoring and supervising pregnancies, births and the postpartum, I am also responsible for teaching the antenatal course.
I myself (with Tinneke as doula) have now also become a mother of a daughter, Mia.
In addition to my job, I am busy with our two wonderful cats, baking and too many creative hobbies to mention.

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