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When it doesn't go as expected

Pregnancy loss is a deeply moving and emotional experience that often brings along intense grief and mourning. When you lose your pregnancy or your baby, your midwife is available for care and support.


The emotional side

It is important to recognise that there is no "right" way to grieve; everyone processes loss in their own way and pace. It is valuable to seek support from family and friends, to talk to a therapist or your midwife, or join a peer group. This can help you cope with the pain and find a path to healing.

The medical side

Regardless of your gestational age, pregnancy has a big impact on your body. Even when it ends earlier than hoped, you physically go through a major adjustment. 

If you are in need of aftercare at home, we'll gladly come by.

These consultations or home visits are paid for by your mutuality.


Useful links

Some initiatives where you can find additional support:


Berrefonds - At the Berrefonds you will find broad support network for the loss of a baby or child. Tthey also provide memory boxes through hospitals. 


Boven De Wolken - Photos of your child are very precious, which is why Boven De Wolken offers a free photography session to each parent who has experienced the loss of a child. The photos are taken by professional photographers who volunteer.


Sterretjestuin Leuven - The city of Leuven offers to engrave a star engraved for your child, which you can place in the Sterretjestuin as a memorial.


More initiatives can be found on the Altijd Wij portal website.

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