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Home birth

With a home birth you give birth in your own familiar environment with the professional guidance of two midwives. Our midwifery team is trained to manage normal, low-risk deliveries.

Why give birth at home?

A home birth may sound a bit strange to you, or you didn't even know it was an option.

With our northern neighbors it is the most normal thing in the world to give birth to your baby at home. Together we provide a safe haven where you can welcome your baby in peace and quiet in your own way and at your own pace.


Your familiar nest is the place where you can be completely yourself, surrounded by your own things and with the people around you that you have chosen, which ensures that your birth hormones flow optimally. They are your ally for a natural birth.
Siblings can experience the arrival of your baby differently and you don't have to go anywhere after birth.

Water birth

You can also give birth in the bath at home.
The warm water is soothing and relieves pain when you have contractions. Many mothers sigh with relief, find new courage and are able to cope better when they are in the water. Logically you'll often want to stay in the water for the birth. The transition from being sheltered in your belly to being born becomes a bit softer for your little one.
The contraction time becomes shorter on average in the bath and you move more easily with your belly in the water.


To move around freely it's important to have enough space and soft walls. That's why we sell baths for giving birth, and you can rent everything you need to fill them and empty them quickly at Bolle Buik.


Do you want to give birth at home?

If you would like to give birth at home, it's important to us that your pregnancy goes smoothly and without complications. To be able to assess whether your pregnancy is proceeding without risks, we would like to monitor you closely with our entire team. This way we get to know each other well and build your story together. We will visit you at home around 35 weeks of pregnancy. Together we will consider whether the home is suitable for a home birth and go over the practical matters involved in a home birth. View the materials list here.

An alternative to a home birth is Birth & Breakfast. If you would like to have the experience of a home birth, but are unsure whether you can have it at home, feel free to inquire about Birth & Breakfast.

What if it goes differently?

When complications arise during labor or delivery, we do not take any risks. With a suitcase full of materials and medication, we can provide the necessary help at home. If necessary, we will continue the guidance in the hospital.

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How much does a home birth cost?

We are 'conventionalised'. This means that all costs associated with the mutuality are paid directly to us by them. What isn't paid by the health insurance funds is the on-call compensation. We are available 24/7 for you from 37 weeks of pregnancy onwards. 

There will be 2 midwives present at the birth, an on-call fee of €250 will be charged by each midwife. You will also be charged the kilometre fee. You may receive a refund from your hospitalisation insurance of this entire amount. You can ask them whether and how much they will repay you.

Which midwives will be present at my birth?

With both labour guidance and home birth, we cannot predict who will guide you. We work with a variable on-call system where there are always 2 midwives on call. The midwife who is on call when your labour starts will guide you through the entire process.

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