What can you expect from this course?

This course is a mixture of interactive digital and live sessions that give you and your partner the opportunity to explore issues around birth, breastfeeding and parenting. Each session will include discussion, information-giving and practical activities.

Topics include:
- Overview of the normal birth process
- Onset of labor
- When to go to hospital/ call midwife
- Different stages of labor
- How to promote the smoothest possible birth- Hormonal background
- How to handle the contractions
- Role and needs of the partner
- What to put in the labour bag
- Flowchart birth step-by-step
- Practical activities: relaxation, breathing, massage, movement, positions
- Pushing phase: 3 parts, shape of the pelvis, pushing positions
- First hour after birth: what happens to baby and mom
- Perception of the baby
- Medical interventions, being able to make informed choices, birth plan
- Post natal period what happens to mom, dad, baby: changes physically
  and emotionally, what needs to be done practically
- Baby bath
- Breastfeeding: how does it work, proper positioning, tips
- Sleeping of the baby
- Practice: dealing with newborn (grasping, burping, pamper, belly
- Basic bonding and safety of a baby
- Life from the baby’s perspective
- Causes of crying + what to do
- Psychological and social changes

Ante natal class in group: Interactive sessions for pregnant women and their partner
Price: 250 euro per couple
Duration: 5 sessions of 3,5 hours 
Location: 3 sessions are offered online and if possible 2 sessions live at the 'Huis Van Rooi', Leuvensebaan 368, 3040 Sint-Agatha-Rode.

For any questions please contact Nina-Benedicte by phone 0474/20.52.70 or email  info@bollebuik.be

Registration conditions
Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid. You will receive an email with the payment information after completing the online form. For cancellations up to 3 weeks before the start of the course, half of the registration fee will be refunded.