Postnatal care

Care at home
The midwife will do regular check-ups at home in the postnatal period. Whether you have had a home birth or in hospital, with short-stay or longer, it doesn’t matter, the midwife will be there to help you. During the home visit she will check both mother and child. She will monitor all necessary parameters, such as your blood pressure, uterus, starting your milk production, … She will also answer any questions you might have and assist you during this intense period. On the third, fourth or fifth day she can do a Guthrie-test on your baby. The midwife will come to you as long and as often as needed, up until one year after the birth.
KIK-project (short stay in hospital)
This is a project from the government where you have a shorter stay in the maternity ward after giving birth. Which means you go home sooner, to recover in your own environment and take care of your baby. Already make an appoint with your midwife early in your pregnancy.

Information and support during pregnancy, monitoring mother and baby, support with breast feeding, help care for the baby and practical tips after giving birth. These are things you can expect from our midwifery team. If you go home within three days after delivery, medical observation is a must. But also if you decide to stay in hospital longer, it’s recommended to have a midwife who monitors and supports you afterwards.

Which midwife will conduct the postnatal house calls depends on the region you live in and is subject to the availability of the midwifes. We will sent a midwife closest to you to limit travel expenses.


Being skilled at breastfeeding will take some practising. During the maternity period you can have many questions or doubts regarding breastfeeding. The midwife can help out by assisting you in attaching the baby correctly to ensure that the baby can drink well. She will show you different poses for effective breastfeeding and will give you lots of tips. If you have difficulty breastfeeding, you can also turn to a midwife. She will come to visit you at home and together you will look for an adequate
solution to your breastfeeding problem/question. You can ask for help up until your baby is 1 years old!

Psychological guidance

This individual guidance can be helpful for anyone with fears or anxieties, for those who feel uncomfortable or those who struggle with adapting to parenthood.

For more information, please contact Nina-Benedicte
Phone number: 0474 205 270