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016 79 30 69

We are available every day between 9am and 8pm for non-urgent questions and appointments.

You can of course always call us for urgent questions or work .

Consultation addresses

Main address: Gemeentestraat 227, 3010 Kessel-Lo

Certain colleagues can also offer some consultations at the following locations:

  • Keulenstraat 73, 3020 Herent

  • Baalsebaan 41, 3120 Tremelo

  • Sint-Jansstraat 91, 3118 Werchter


Where do we operate?

In order to provide optimal care, we have divided our region into two areas.

On the map at the bottom of the page you can find out what care at home we can offer you.

Do you live within the blue area? We would be happy to come to you for labour guidance, home birth and/or aftercare during your maternity period.

If you live in the purple area, we are still ready for your home birth, but we ask you to contact a midwife nearby for aftercare.

Pregnancy consultations always take place at one of our consultation addresses.


Click on the map to zoom in!

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