Wherever you decide to give birth, there a midwife available to assist you. She can help support you during labour at home and then decide to accompany you to hospital. To have a midwife stay with you during labour at home, regardless of where you will give birth, has several advantages. At home dilation progresses better. Your own home is the best place to keep the hormone flow going, whichyour body needs to get strong contractions. At home your partner will be more at ease in a familiar environment. At home you will be less inhibited and you can assume any position or make any sound you need to be able to cope with contractions. Or you can withdraw yourself completely if you need to, find your own quiet place where nobody will disturb you.
During labour the midwife can monitor the baby’s condition. She can give you tips or just reassure you that everything is fine. She can stay with you and just be there for you. She can give your partner tips to help you with labour. She can refer you to hospital in time, when you both feel it’s appropriate. In some hospitals a midwife from Bolle Buik can assist your delivery. In other hospitals you can count on the professional care of the local delivery team.

Home birth

With a home birth you give birth in your own familiar environment with the professional assistance of a midwife. Giving birth at home means foremost that you stay in your own place, you know every colour, every smell and every sound. It’s peaceful and relaxing and that’s what’s important when giving birth.
Midwifes are especially trained to
accompany normal pregnancies and births.
They have years ofpractical
experience before they start doing home births.
Complications can always occur and then the delivery might become risky. In that case the birth should take place in a hospital. The midwife will be able to spot a high-risk pregnancy during the prenatal consultations. Even once the home birth is underway the midwife can decide that it might be best to go to a hospital to give birth. This is why one of the prerequisites for a home birth is living not more than half an hour´s drive from a hospital.

List of materials for homebirth

Water birth

At home as well as in hospital you can use a warm bath during labour and for a water birth. The warm water will make you feel relaxed and contractions feel less painful, which results in less use of pain medication. Even for the baby the water has some advantages: there’s an easier and softer transition from the womb to the outside world and since the water has a relaxing effect on the mother, the baby will feel less stress. It is possible to buy your own birthing pool from Bolle Buik if you have a home birth with our midwives. 


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