About us

Bolle Buik is a midwifery practice with over 25 years of experience in obstetrics home care. We consider women to be autonomous individuals and we encourage them to trust in their own strength and intuition. Together with pregnant women and their partners, our midwifes will do everything to make sure the pregnancy progresses as normal as possible.

Bolle Buik represents professional personal care in every sense. The midwife monitors the natural process of the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period from a certain philosophy:
“natural if possible, technical if required”. The most important thing for us is that you are able to look back at your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period with a positive feeling. This
means that we are actually there for you. It is no problem if you want to schedule an extra consultation or give us a call because you’re worried. We want to hear your wishes and
ideas so that we can give you the best care and support.. 

we have also achieved the 'good practice logo'.
Which is the official quality logo
received from the Flemish
Professional Association of Midwives


Our midwifes

Britte Kanters

I am Britte Kanters, (region Leuven) born and raised in the Netherlands, midwife since 2013. At Bolle Buik I guide parents during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period. It is the journey with the people from pregnancy to postnatal period, which makes my work so much fun. But it is the deliveries that warm my heart. The birth of a baby is a special and impressive experience. As a midwife, always a privilege to be present.

Nina Benedicte Vansina

My name is Nina-Benedicte Vansina, (region Huldenberg) I feel myself a midwife in the larger sense of the word. My specialization is raising awareness, growth in consciousness and the emotional side of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. With a holistic approach I do post-natal home visits, prepare parents for birth and parenthood, offer psychological support, give workshops about healing birth trauma, about femininity and relationships. Hugo and I are the parents of six amazing children. We live in the green area at 15 km from Leuven in a very old house, also a B&B called ‘Huis van Rooi’, where you can enjoy nature, rest and silence during a short or long stay.

Alexandra Denys

Midwife/lactation consultant
I am Alexandra, (region Boutersem), married and mother of 5 children. After my studies I had a chance to experience the real midwifery work in a large hospital in London. That is where I really got a taste for midwife-led care, with mother and baby as central partner. Since 1999 I work in the Bolle Buik team where I found the same base: mother-baby (and family) as central partner and the midwife being in a supportive role only, assisting with close attention to the autonomy of the family. In 2003 I completed the lactation consultant study. Assisting mothers with breastfeeding in both pleasant or difficult circumstances continues to be a challenge, where I strive to find the right solution for mother and baby. My work fascinates me in all its aspects; it’s an authentic profession that can play a significant role in the ever changing field of birth.

Emma De Schutter

Midwife/ Lactation consultant

Hi, I'm Emma De Schutter (region Tildonk),I am a twinmom and I can proudly say I've been working the past years as a midwife, a job I practice with love and passion. I always feel very honoured being able to be a small part of the beautiful gift of pregnancy. Meaning both the weeks leading up to the birth of the child as the weeks after for the fledging family. I try my very best to support the futur mom's and dad's during the pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I'm one of the midwives at Bolle Buik to hopefully help you out one day during your home birth. Lastly I'm also a lactation consultant in order to guide futurmothers with their questions about breastfeeding by every means

Inge Vanassche

(region Boutersem) Years ago, I started my studies Midwifery because of my fascination and endless interest in midwifery. Not as a 18-year old student but as a mum of 3 children I started the studies, not knowing that my enthusiasm would only grow. Since then, I work at the prenatal consultation in the Gasthuisberg Hospital Leuven, and I also work as an independent midwife giving postnatal care. Every mum is different, and every parent has own feelings, expectations and own way of dealing with the changes birth brings. Listening to young parents’ story and needs, and giving personal tips, advise or help is what I find very important (that’s what makes it so interesting). As ‘partner-midwife’ of Bolle Buik, I do my very best to give well customized postnatal care for the young family.

Barbara Quintelier

Hello, my name is Barbara Quintelier, (region Kortenberg) wife of Hans, mother of three teenagers and midwife since 1998. After being a midwife in prenatal care, attending homebirths and hospital births, i now focus on the postnatal care with Bolle Buik. I find it really fascinating to see parents grow in their parenthood and it is a pleasure to support them on their jouney.

Patty Docx

My name is Patty Dockx. (region Rotselaar). Since I was 5-year old, I told everyone I was going to be a midwife! As Bolle Buik midwife, I give support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care. In 2016 , I followed a training as Hypnobirthing® practicioner and since then I teach the Hypnobirthing® pregnancy course. The birthingcenter Birth&Breakfast is a part of my house. During their stay, all the B&B- babies and their parents are being pampered by me. In private, all my attention and love goes to my husband Louis, my four sons, their partners and my grandchildren. To be aware of the superpower of Women, the miracle of birth and being able to share in the joy of brand-new parents, makes this profession to the most beautiful of the world.