About us

Bolle Buik is a midwifery practice with over 25 years of experience in obstetrics home care. We consider women to be autonomous individuals and we encourage them to trust in their own strength and intuition. Together with pregnant women and their partners, our midwifes will do everything to make sure the pregnancy progresses as normal as possible.

Bolle Buik represents professional personal care in every sense. The midwife monitors the natural process of the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period from a certain philosophy:
“natural if possible, technical if required”. The most important thing for us is that you are able to look back at your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period with a positive feeling. This
means that we are actually there for you. It is no problem if you want to schedule an extra consultation or give us a call because you’re worried. We want to hear your wishes and
ideas so that we can give you the best care and support.. 

we have also achieved the 'good practice logo'.
Which is the official quality logo received from the Flemish Professional Association of Midwives.


Our midwifes

Tinneke Wittockx

Hi! My name is Tinneke, I live in Rotselaar and I am a proud midwife and babywearing consultant. From the beginning of my studies I felt that my passion lay in the helping mothers and families at home. From the positive pregnancy test to the first steps of your little one, guiding a family is really what makes me happy. The fact that I can also accompany your little one into the world makes the story complete. Besides being a midwife, I like hiking, (rock) climbing and painting.

Geertrui De Winter


Dana Geeraerts

Hello, I'm Dana (hometown Baal) and I can proudly call myself a midwife for 8 years already. As a child I knew
very quickly that I wanted to be a midwife. Until now I have always worked in home care, partly as a
home nurse and partly as a midwife pre- and postnatal care. Over these 7 years I was allowed to be
pregnant 3 times myself and I experienced 3 beautiful, calm and loving home births. A place in the
Bolle Buik team is therefore a dream come true. Assisting young parents during pregnancy, labour,
childbirth and afterwards. ensuring that they also have a beautiful memory of a (home) birth with the
Bolle Buik midwives.
Besides taking care of all those young parents and babies together with my husband Jan, I take care of
our three treasures: Tea, Fen and War. So that they can grow up carefree in a warm family.

Sofia Van Duffel

Hello, my name is Sofia, I live with my husband Lukas in Rotselaar and I'm the newest member of the Bolle Buik family. After my training as a secondary school teacher, I very much wanted to obtain the title of 'midwife', as it has always seemed like such an honour to be able to guide women in their strength during childbirth and motherhood. Therefore I'm very grateful that I get to do this fantastic job and would not in the least want to trade it for anything else.
Besides monitoring and guiding pregnancies, births and postpartum, I also teach the pregnancy course. 
My husband and I are expecting our first child, so I will be away for a few months starting from April 2024. 
Outside of my job, I spend my time on caring for our two lovely cats, baking and too many creative hobbies to mention.